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Affinitas' Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) Week
Professor Dennis Driscoll for Singapore
Singapore, 30th July - 2nd August 2013
Workshop for Company Directors on Contemporary Corporate Governance
1.5 Day Training Programme
30th - 31st July 2013 (Tues & Wed)
Developments in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development
1.5 Day Training Programme
1st - 2nd August 2013 (Thu & Fri)
Welcome to Affinitas
Affinitas Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2001. We specialise in providing clean energy solutions in countries across Asia. Our mission is to continuously search for new products, ideas and innovative solutions that will benefit the people and environment in our region and work to deliver them to our customers. We work with and represent only those companies that have leading edge patented technologies in their field, or that have a proven track record in providing high quality products and services. We represent companies from all around the world and assist them in developing their businesses in the Asian region.
Initially, we focused on natural gas and in particular CNG as a means to provide a cleaner fuel for vehicles and industries in Asia. We now have relationships with two cylinder manufacturers, one in Brazil and one in France, whose record for safety and quality are second to none. We also work with one of Europe’s leading CNG and LPG valve manufacturers as well as a leading US supplier of CNG delivery solutions for both high and low pressure end users.
In addition to this, we now represent a UK based provider of waste heat recycling products based around patented heat pipe technology and a provider of clean water solutions from the US.
Our goal is to be recognised as a leading provider of quality solutions and components in the clean energy sector throughout Asia. Currently our customers include private and government related entities within the Asian region and our contacts stretch from Japan to the Middle East.
Affinitas is a full member of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore
Values & Commitments
We provide solutions that improve our environment and thereby improve our personal as well as societies well being.
We are proud to be associated with customers who recognise the quality of the products and solutions that we provide.
We aim to provide a stimulating environment in which our employees can develop their individual strengths and skills while maintaining the company’s core values.
We maximize our shareholders' wealth but not at the expense of our integrity and commitment to quality solutions.
15 Hoe Chiang Road, #26-02 Tower Fifteen, Singapore 089316
Tel: +65 6733 3178 Fax: +65 6733 9960 Email: enquiries@affinitas.com.sg
Company Registration Number 200105305C
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