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Praxair, through its subsidiary White Martins, is synonymous with excellence and leadership in the Natural Gas business in Brazil and is currently applying its expertise in producing the best quality Type 1, seamless steel NGV cylinders under the “Cilbras” brand name.

With two manufacturing plants, one in Barra Mansa (Rio de Janeiro) and other in Manaus (Amazonas), the company is capable of producing up to 350,000 cylinders a year. This has made Praxair a leader in the Brazilian market and the largest high-pressure cylinder manufacturer in Latin America.

For over 30 years, Cilbrás has produced and delivered more than 4 million, high quality seamless steel, high pressure gas cylinders worldwide and has a presence in more than 20 countries.

Barra Mansa plant: Manaus plant:

Rodovia Presidente Dutra, Km 283
Pombal – Barra Mansa – RJ. Brazil.
CEP 27.365-000.

Av. Autaz Mirim, 1053 – 2º Piso
Distrito Industrial – Manaus - AM.
CEP 69.085-000.

  Quality - Cilbras has modern manufacturing equipment controlled by programmable logic controllers, which ensures that every batch is produced consistently. The Praxair quality system applied to the design, production, inspection and marketing of Cilbrás cylinders is approved and certified to ISO 9001.

- Every Cilbrás cylinder undergoes a thorough inspection process in compliance with the many different applicable standards, such as DOT, ISO, ABNT, TC, IRAM, BS, COVENIN, NTC, NZ. Safety is further ensured by the Gunfire and Bonfire tests; Cyclic tests of up to eighty thousand (80,000) cycles at service pressure; Hydraulic rupture tests at over 500 bar (2.5 times the service pressure) and Product traceability.
Reinforcing their commitment to Quality and Safety, Cilbras only work with the best suppliers in the market, such as Vallorec & Mannesmman (V&M) for tube and Arcellor Mittal for plates.

Using various production processes, Cilbras can offer a wide range of diameters and lengths to satisfy the customers’ requirements.

Producing in compliance with the most stringent quality standards in the world, Cilbrás offers customers two different types of high quality cylinder; the Standard Range which is made by tube and the Light Range made by plate. The latter is the result of applying the most advanced technology available, made of high strength steel, the light cylinders are as much as 25% lighter than standard cylinders and have the best weight-to-volume ratio.


Passenger vehicles
Taxis and vans
Utility vehicles
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For more information, please visit the following website :http://www.cilbrascylinders.com/


Affinitas is proud to be the exclusive agent for Cilbras cylinders in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines.

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