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  Affinitas Private Limited

Affinitas was incorporated in 2001, specialising in providing and promoting clean energy solutions to Asian markets. Compress Natural Gas was one of the early focuses of Affinitas amongst other solutions such as waste heat recovery and water purification. Its Clean Energy Solutions providers come from across the globe, spanning Brazil, Italy, France, UK and the US.

With the company’s commitment “to provide solutions that improve our environment and societies’ well-being”, a CSR programme and advisory was put in place in June 2011, with the support of the Managing Director of Affinitas, David Kennedy, and Business Developer Alia Sahari was appointed the Business and Programme Director for the department of CSR.



Alia Sahari
Programme and Business Director

After more than four years in developing Affinitas’ Clean Energy business, Alia Sahari wanted to provide more than just Clean Energy for the environment, and to extend on the second part of the company’s commitment to improve on our societies’ well-being. Hence, she spearheaded the department of CSR not just as an internal programme, but also as an advisory for any organisation and government agency that is interested in making CSR a part of its corporate DNA and in raising the standard of its CSR to an international level.

To found an advisory that is world-class, Sahari approached Europe’s pioneer academic and leading authority on CSR, Professor Dennis Driscoll to be a partner and mentor. Singapore was the first Asian country the professor has travelled to for corporate trainings with the exception of China – he was the first Professor of Human Rights in the history of China at the Peking University Law School’s Research Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Affinitas’ first Corporate Governance and CSR seminars and workshops by Driscoll were launched in July 2012, and they received overwhelming response from various organisations with strong supporters including Fuji Xerox, Singapore Compact for CSR, British Chambers of Commerce, and Eco-business.com.


Professor Dennis Driscoll
Our Trainer

In the mid-1990s, Professor Dennis Driscoll created Europe’s very first comprehensive course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a law school as the Dean of the School of Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway then. Since then, the international lawyer and author of the forthcoming study International and Comparative Corporate Governance has trained the management of more than 600 companies on CSR and Corporate Governance worldwide from Europe to Asia, including China, where he was the first Professor of Human Rights in the history of the country at the Peking University Law School’s Research Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. He was also a Visiting Professor at Harvard University, among various similar postings at European universities. Currently, he is developing a multi-language training programme on the complete range of CSR issues, which will be used by the supply chains of multinational companies (MNCs), the senior civil servants of Governments, and by non-governmental organisations (NGOs). read more