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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend the only two official workshops of Professor Dennis Driscoll’s in Singapore!

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Affinitas Corporate Governance &
Corporate Social Responsibility Workshops

Your investors are savvy. They trust organisations with good Corporate Governance and sound CSR practices; they know that CSR is not simply about giving back to society.

This is why, as of March 2013, more than 1,000 investment institutions with assets of approximately US$32 trillion under management have solemnly pledged that they will integrate CSR thinking into their investment analysis and decision-making. Together, these investment institutions own 20% of the shares in all the stock exchanges in the world.

Corporate and government organisations can no longer afford to undermine the importance of CSR.
During the Affinitas Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility Week in Singapore, there will be only two official workshops conducted by Professor Dennis Driscoll focusing on the recent developments in CSR as well as how to integrate CSR within Asian business operations. It also examines the challenges and practical approaches of implementing effective corporate governance in different company structures with an Asian perspective. The two exclusive workshops are Affinitas’ Modern Corporate Governance Workshop for Company Directors and Developments in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Workshop, which are set to take place on 30th July – 2nd August 2013.

Learn from the Best:

The trainer, Professor Dennis Driscoll, who is also an International Lawyer, is a pioneer in teaching Corporate Governance and CSR. To date, he has trained over 500 companies worldwide, and has given over 300 lectures on international law, international human rights, environmental concerns, and CSR in some 15 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He is also the author of the forthcoming study Comparative Corporate Governance.

How We Conduct our Workshops:

  • Illuminating Introductions
  • Engaging Dialogues
  • Thought Provoking Debriefs
  • Open Questions & Answer Sessions
  • Reflection Time-Outs
  • Relevant and Up-To-Date Case Studies

Our Programme Benefits:

  • Understand the rapidly growing importance of CSR in Asia, compared with current developments worldwide, and its positive impact on businesses.
  • Find out why and how corporate governance can make the difference between ‘sink or swim’, especially in risk management, and how you can lead your organisation above the rest with sound corporate practices.
  • Learn how to apply it to attract investor interest and trust in the consumer.
  • Affinitas’ workshops will be the only two official workshops conducted by Professor Dennis Driscoll in Singapore this year. Find out all about CSR and Corporate Governance from the pioneer and Europe’s leading authority on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).