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Based in Houston Texas, NEOgas was established in 2001 and specialises in the distribution of natural gas for both high pressure (NGV station) and lower pressure (industrial and city-gate) end users.

NEOgas provides solutions to customers who do not have, or may never have, access to the gas pipeline and as such the gas is compressed into high pressure storage cylinders and delivered via trailers.

NEOgas is a leading supplier of NGV daughter station technology worldwide. Using its patented technology for the delivery of CNG, 95% of the natural gas is able to be delivered off the trailer at a constant pressure. NEOgas also uses significantly less power than other competitors (measured as kilograms or normal cubic metres of gas delivered per kilowatt hour) and delivers cooler gas to the vehicle as the gas is not decanted and then recompressed on site.

For more information on how NEOgas compares to traditional compressors and booster compressors in off-pipeline NGV applications.

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The company has recently undertaken improvements to its original system (called the HPU) and has developed a more efficient delivery system with higher output. The new system is known as the FPA (Fluid Power Accelerator) and is available in models capable of delivering 1,200 Nm up to 3,600 Nm³ of gas per hour and this will be manufactured in their new Houston facilities.

NEOgas daughter station systems have been sold for over 200 stations in China, 60 stations in Brazil, 23 in Thailand and its technology was also selected for Singapore’s first daughter station run by Smart Energy. Purchasers of NEOgas systems include PTT in Thailand, Sinopec in China and Petrobras in Brazil. It is widely regarded as the best of breed and in 2006; Petrobras through its off-pipeline CNG operating company CDGN, entered into an exclusive arrangement with NEOgas do Brasil to use its technology for all its off-pipeline NGV stations.

With the increasing demand for clean and cheaper fuel, other countries in Asia will soon be requiring daughter station technology to provide CNG for increasing fleets of natural gas vehicles.
NEOgas also provides solutions for the delivery of natural gas to industrial users via pressure reduction systems. NEOgas was a pioneer of this in Brazil and NEOgas do Brasil was the first company licensed by ANP (Brazils national agency for regulating the petroleum industry) to transport CNG on Brazil’s highway system.

The company is also a research partner with the Department of Energy in the US and is working on several new related technologies.

For more information, please visit the following website: http://www.neogas.us
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