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OMB is a global leader in the production of CNG valves, offering the most complete range of CNG filling valves, cylinder valves and shut off solenoid valves to all the major OEMs, cylinder manufactures, kit manufactures and kit distributors on a worldwide basis.The company's headquarters are located in Italy with branch offices in Asia, Middle East and North America.
The OMB range of CNG and LPG products for automotive applications, both for the aftermarket and for OEM’s includes:
CNG, cylinder valves, filling charge valves, cut-off valves and high pressure pipes.
LPG Multivalves, filling charge valves, level indicators, copper pipes and components.
OMB’s products carry all the major European and International Certifications such as R67-01, R110 and ISO15500. Furthermore OMB has an in-house R&D Department equipped with state of the art technology ready to develop specific products to satisfy specific customer’s requirements.
OMB is the shareholder of the following companies: Rail, Faro and Ram, leading producers of
CNG and LPG injectors
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CNG and LPG pipes
CNG and LPG Reducers
In order to see which one of OMB products can best fit your needs, please visit the following website: http://www.omb-saleri.it and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need.
Ullit S.A.
  Ullit is a French manufacturer of light weight type 4 full composite cylinders and has been involved in this and relevant technologies since 1983 and have developed patented technology protected in over 25 countries.

Their range of light weight cylinders meet both European ECE R110 and ISO 11439 standards and have a life of 20 years. Cylinders undergo a full range of tests including drop tests, crash tests, bonfire and bullet tests as well as being able to perform up to 100,000 cyclic tests ranging from 20 -250 bar while keeping the same burst factor as an original cylinder.
  Cylinders are available either at 200 bar working pressure for on board vehicular transport (for cars, trucks and buses) according to the customer’s needs or at 250 bar for CNG storage purposes. Ullit also manufacture a hybrid CNG cylinder (not full carbon fibre) that provides a cheaper, but slightly heavier alternative to the full carbon type 4 cylinder.

  In addition, Ullit make a range of cylinders for storage of various gases including Nitrogen, Argon and breathable air, as well as cylinders for hydrogen with working pressure ranging from 350 to 700 bar.

Ullit have been at the forefront of development of hydrogen cylinders and these have demonstrated stability up to 15,000 cycles with excellent permeation properties.

For more information, please visit the following website: http://www.ullit.com/
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