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ECONOTHERM® is a leading provider of waste heat technology solutions based in the UK and has a wide portfolio of successful installations across many diverse sectors and applications.

At the core of the products is the patented super conductor heat pipe technology, which is a culmination of over 25 years extensive experience in the heat pipe field including R&D. This experience and research has resulted in Econotherm’s low cost production methods based around 11 patents.
Heat pipes are able to recover heat from a large number heat sources such as exhaust streams from furnaces, boilers, ovens and incinerators to name a few and in turn reuse this heat via a heat sink such as cold air or cold water that is used in another process, but needs to be heated. As such they can significantly reduce a client’s energy bill and carbon footprint. Heat pipes have several advantages over classic shell and tube or plate exchangers and Econotherm can provide bespoke solutions for the customer’s specific requirements and needs.
Download the PDF file about Heat Pipe Advantage
The current range of heat pipes can operate in low heat/ low heat differential scenarios to high heat scenarios where the average working temperature is around 450°C. A range of ultra high temperature pipes (in excess of 1000°C) are currently under development.

The current range of products include; exhaust gas to gas (air ) , exhaust gas to liquid (water ,thermal oil) , oil cooler and as outlined above a soon to be released high temperature range. Please see the attached case studies of actual installations with Econotherm’s bespoke heat pipe solutions and the benefits and savings derived.
Download Case Study 01
Download Case Study 02
For further information, please visit the following website: http://www.econotherm.eu/
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