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Enviro Solutions Inc
Enviro Solutions, Incorporated (ESI) is a "solutions based" company that has merged the water treatment disciplines of equipment and chemical engineering. Their solutions integrate treatment equipment and chemicals needed to treat industrial water. This 'solutions' approach sets ESI apart from the problems associated with separate suppliers who provide only one or two elements of water treatment solutions, and are not set up to put recycling first.
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ESI adheres to an engineering process from the point at which a customer decides to consider an Enviro solution until the solution is fully operational. The process begins with receiving a plant data input sheet, moves through stages of analysis and review, and can include many phases of implementation.
Recycling water improves profits by:
Improving production results
Decreasing down time
Reducing production costs
Increasing profit margin
Reducing energy costs
Cutting water costs in and out
Cutting the cost of treatment chemicals
Eliminating waterside fouling
Recycling heat from water
Returning heat to plant operations
Recovering materials from waste water
ESI includes a number of approaches to integrated water treatment. Each solution is custom designed for your application to optimize water use through recycling. Enviro II technology is able to clear water without chemicals. Chemical solutions are 'designed in' as their inclusion meets specialized needs and reduces costs.
Large plants operate with up to four applications for industrial water:
Influent clarification (makeup water)
Steam boilers (water for making steam)
Cooling towers (water for cooling)
Waste water (Process water to clean)
Enviro II technology is designed to recycle industrial plant wastewater. The plant uses the same amount of water as before, but significantly reduces the amount of makeup water acquired. Enviro II treats waste water to near pristine conditions, recycling it through the plant for industrial purposes.
A typical Enviro II solution generates positive cash flow from the first month of operation and investment recovery within 8 to 24 months, depending on the specific application(s). Enviro technology typically provides retrofits ranging from $500 thousand to $3 million dollars. Money already in the operating budget can be used to pay this expense, but ESI also offers Enviro Lease to improve cash flow during the ROI period.
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ESI offers treatment and recycling solutions that consider every part of industrial water usage. Being fully integrated, they are able to supply engineering, equipment, chemicals, operating procedures and services required to ensure reliable water quality for the long term.
For further information, please visit the following website: http://www.enviro-solutionsinc.com
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